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Here’s Why Shatta Wale Will Forever Remain The Biggest Musician Ghana Has Ever Seen!


Here’s Why Shatta Wale Will Forever Remain The Biggest Musician Ghana Has Ever Seen!

There is no need to start convincing anyone about your capabilities if you believe in yourself. Having self-belief is the most beautiful vim you can ever engross into your being. After all, if you don’t trust yourself, who should? The best gift you can give yourself is a positive review today, tomorrow, and forever.


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When the issue of talent is mentioned, many come to mind, but a few will forever stand the test of time. For some time now, the name Shatta Wale has been forced down our throats and we’re beginning to swallow it whole! For the fact that this dude was able to transmogrify his persona from Bandana to Shatta Wale, using his absence from the music scene for 10 years, he is the musical messiah of Ghanaians (looking at how he has strategically taken over).

In my unsolicited candid opinion, the hustling and bustling Charles Nii Armah Jr aka Shatta Wale supposedly went through in Jamaica should be developed into an academic course for immediate tutelage and studies in all Ghanaian/ African Universities that offer Creative Arts and other related disciplines! This tenacious dude is just a Dancehall Champ who knows how to embrace controversy for all the trends. With his special creativity coupled with versatility and boldness, he is the one thing the old musicians needed those days. No wonder legendary Amakye Dede once said, “if we had had someone like Shatta Wale in our days as musicians, we wouldn’t be cheated and taken advantage of like what many went through”.

Personally, I’m still confused that the Musicians Union of Ghana (or whatever that name is) and all musicians are yet to crown this Shatta Wale of a guy as their President for life! What are they waiting for?

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C. A. Asante is a teacher (Village Teacher) by profession who has reported on a number of elections in Ghana for Central Press Newspaper. He is known among his peers as a researcher and regular contributor in Education, Politics, etc. Follow : Instagram- @ chris_asante1...Facebook: CA Asante

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