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Hiplife Group Double Blows a Wind of Trouble Into The Music Industry


Hiplife Group Double Blows a Wind of Trouble Into The Music Industry

Double new Hip life group blown a wind of trouble into the music industry with their new ‘Walai Talai' for all this Christmas.

As a music group coming into the , so bright like the sun and touch lights, Doubles says a “Merry Christmas and happy new year” to the whole of Ghana in the new single ‘Walai Talai”.

The group, being in existence for some time now has been on the low just fixing, tightening and strengthening all bots just to get the songs right for fans. “Walai Talai” is the new single which comes with a shot by Take 2 Films, danceable and rhythmic for all club plus party lovers in the country.

Christmas is a festive season for sharing; double's mind of releasing this new single is to share in the joy of celebration with fans and music lovers.

Having performed on some stages from the beginning of the year till now, that is from 10/10/10 party, Kwame Nkrumah centenary shows both Accra and Kumasi coupled with music Music on TV 3, the groups says they are grateful to all for holding down so far.

“We want to say thank you with a new single ‘Walai Talai' and hope that 2011 when we properly introduce ourselves to Ghanaian fans they will embrace us.

To have a feel of Double, the energy, talent and passion watch “Walai Talai” on you tube, ETV, Crystal TV and Television Africa (TV Africa) and be part of the big family.

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