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Former HIV Ambassador miraculously healed!


Former HIV Ambassador miraculously healed!


Former Ambassador miraculously healed!

former HIV ambassador posted on her wall earlier today that she has been healed. Last year she came out to renounce her HIV status. Dzidzor was well known in Ghana as she was a spearhead ambassador travelling to various countries talking about the virus. When the news broke no evidence was provided of her status before becoming an ambassador. During her ambassadorial tenure She made a movie to tell her story about how she contracted the virus and how she has been living with it all these years. She married another HIV patient whom she did her campaign with. Dzidzor is well known in the length and breadth of the country as an HIV ambassador.

After renouncing her status she broke up with him.

Some months ago she came out with some pictures of her out dooring a baby at Bubiashie with another man.
The question still remains that was Joyce ever an HIV patient, was all this a farce and if it is why will she decieive so many people after making so much impact in the country?

By Monica Otumfuor



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