Hollywood’s Super Star Stunt Woman Gets Me Pondering

Luci Romberg doing a sideways flip in the air

After watching one of my favorite and the best stunt woman and free runner Luci Romberg do her gravity defying feats, i begun to ponder over some of the African action movies I have seen in which some stunts were attempted,and boy ! how hard it was to keep a straight face.

Now click on the link below and be the judge. Can Africa ever produce half a stunt woman or man the likes of  Luci Romberg,capable of lighting up the screens of African action movies and isn’t it time to have an African Luci Romberg ? Perhaps some of the theatrically challenged African thespians out there could consider a career change.Who knows, one of them could be the ONE !! take my advice and thank me later. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/bestoftv/2012/01/13/sbt-stuntwoman-secrets.cnn

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