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That petite and light complexion Yoruba movie star actress,Elizabeth Anjorin,popularly known as Lizzy Anjorin,the Iyawo Ojo Kan star act,lost her mum few weeks back,is no news.

What is news is the main cause of the woman’s death.

According to inside source,Lizzy’s many controversies may have helped kill the late Mrs. Abiola R. Anjorin who died at the age of 70 years.

According to those who know her,the fact that Lizzy is her mother’s only child made the woman over protective of her even when Lizzy tended to act as if she was older than her age.And as if to confirm what our source said,when we called to commiserate with her,Lizzy agreed that she was so close to her mother and that they knew virtually everything about one another.

But the real cause of Mama’s ill health that hastened her death,according to insiders,had to do with the negative media reports on her only child Lizzy Anjorin and this really became more destructive during Lizzy’s car theft saga.

Recall the stories that made the rounds when Lizzy and her erstwhile lover,Ade Dollar,got enmeshed in a very messy scandal that it became a police case when Ade Dollar reportedly dragged Lizzy before the police and accused her of stealing his car.At the height of the story,the press had a field day calling Lizzy a thief and all sorts of names.

Insiders claim this was too much to handle as the scandal led to the old woman suffering stroke.She just couldn’t hold back and since then,Lizzy has been taking her from one place to another seeking medical help to bring her mother back to her old self.With time,God heard Lizzy’s prayers and her mum got better.

After regaining her health,late Mrs. Anjorin requested to leave her daughter’s home in Ikorodu and move to her home town in Egbado and only went to visit her only daughter once in a while.

We learnt that she gave up the ghost barely three weeks after her last trip to see her daughter and granddaughter.

Confirming the fact that the media may have contributed to the demise of her mother,Lizzy told us that after the death of her mother,she went into her late mom’s room to clear some things and was shocked to see so many cuttings from newspaper and magazines with negative and scandalous stories all centered on her.

She said a lot of the publications she never thought her mother saw were in her mother’s room and these may have accelerated her health crisis.

On why the hurried burial of the old woman,Lizzy said she had to hurriedly bury her mother because her mother had already told her that she wished for a speedy burial.She also said that her mother had told her of her wish to die on a Sunday and her wish was granted by God as she died on the January 8 which was a Sunday.

She went further to say another wish of her mother was that she shouldn’t be kept in the mortuary,so as God granted the old woman’s wish to die on a Sunday,it was wise to bury her the following day,Monday,January 9th in accordance with her wish.

For the final burial,Lizzy said there will be a prayer session for her mum on the 41st day and the final burial rites will hold on the 31st of March.

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