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How my mother saw my future – TerryTheVoice – Vanguard News TerryThe


How my mother saw my future – TerryTheVoice – Vanguard News TerryThe

By Ayo Onikoyi

Upcoming music and voice-over artiste, TerryThe Voice, born Terrence Odenigbo is set to take the music scene by storm with the release of his first EP titled ‘Under Surveillance’ by middle of October of this year, having announced his arrival on the scene with his debut single ‘Prince on my head’.

TerryThe Voice, who describes his kind of music as ‘Amazing Music’, a fusion of multiple genres from contemporary Hip-Hop to Pop to Afro-Pop speaks with AYO ONIKOYI, Entertainment Editor, on his career, the beginning, his big plans for the industry and his mother connection in his career. Hear him:

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What led to your choosing music as a career?

I started off as an OAP for my university radio station (GOUni Radio). Thereafter, I took up my passion, voice-over artistry, delivered quite a number of recordings for commercials and documentaries before heading into my music career two years ago.

I discovered my voice-over talent as an 8-year old. Initially, I was attracted to radio commercials and movie narrations, and when I tried to perform the voices I heard, I realized that I could take on deep-toned voices effortlessly in just about any context and character. My mother heard me on a few occasions and made it clear to me that my voice acting was an art form that I will profit heavily from in the future. I’ m still bedazzled at how correct she was.

For music, while in school, I met a friend and associate, Westley (now manager and voice coach) who helped me grow my talent and has been there every step of the way. Together, we set up TerryTheVoice, got our first major contract and delivered beyond expectations.

So, what have you done musically?

I featured on ‘Chances’ by Nigerian music artiste, Rexpapi. ‘Price On My Head’ from the soon-to-be released EP named ‘Under Surveillance’ is my debut single and will be my first solo musical effort. Many more are in the works

What are to be expected from the EP and what are the songs there?

The EP is a 6-track compilation of musical goodness curated from personal life experiences and mixed feelings from recent events. There are a few local and international collaborations, some tracks were recorded abroad as well. The creative process is still ongoing. The tracks are; Foreign ft Iyah Gift;

Mary Poppins; Antidote; Price on my head; Rewind ft Icy K; and International. I intend to release it sometime mid October. All tracks were produced by my producer Jesse and mixed and mastered by Synx. Some time mid-year 2019, I felt enormous pressure from business associates, friends, family and basically everyone else around him. I decided to set off on a trip abroad to get away from all the madness and while on this trip, I created this masterpiece ‘Under surveillance’.

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But ‘Under Surveillance’ is not part of the EP. Under surveillance is the name of the EP. I have a track titled ‘Under Surveillance’. It’s not finished yet though. It might make it to the EP. Like I said, creative process is still ongoing. ‘Price on my head’ is my debut single

When did you start music professionally and how has the journey been?

Music for me started officially in 2016 and it’s been an exciting journey. In that year, I met a lot of popular Nigerian music artistes at my school radio station where I worked as an OAP and picked a strong interest in making my own music. Later that year, I tried my hands (in this case, voice) on a few singles I never got to release. But here we are with my first official single and EP about to drop.

What kind of music do you do?

The kind of music I call Amazing Music. It’s a fusion of multiple genres from contemporary Hip-Hop to Pop to Afro-Pop. My music is dynamic and can take different forms based on my current mood and the message I want to send across.

What inspires your music and how do you get inspired?

My music is basically a vocal re-enactment of my thoughts. These thoughts are triggered or inspired both by things around me and my experiences. I’m also inspired by the ones that have gone before me – successful music artistes like D’banj, Ajebutter and Boj, Future and Burna Boy. Some up and coming artistes like Santi, Lady Donli have also influenced me.

Are women part of your life and do they inspire your kind of music

No lady currently but my song ‘Mary Poppins’, a track off the EP was inspired by a lady I met in Iowa on my way back from Las Vegas while on my US tour. She inspired that track. It would be false to deny that the female folk has a bit of influence on my music though.

How did the lady from Iowa inspired the track?

We had a mental connection right from the airport. This connection sparked an immediate conversation and we kept this convo going for hours while waiting for a connecting flight. I think it unlocked a perspective I wasn’t seeing from.

There’s a notion that Nigerian music lack lyrical content but sound. What’s your take on this and would you say your music is more of sound than lyrics?

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I believe every musical work goes to serve a specific purpose. Sometimes, it tries to send a message or speak on a societal issue, other times it’s just a tune to vibe to. Whatever the case, music is beautiful and my music is nothing less.

If you have the chance, who would you  have a collaboration with among Nigerian artistes and why?

Burna Boy of course. He is the hottest thing out of Africa right now, plus his style sets him apart from the pack. He’s a perfect mix of radical and conscious and his satirical approach is what we need now in Nigeria to achieve the change we seek.

What’s your ultimate dream as a singer?

To carve a niche for myself locally and internationally, using my voice as a tool to touch the lives of all unheard and unserved.

Tel me about your background?

I come from a family of 5. I’m the 4th  My Mum is a high school teacher and  dad  was a Civil servant at the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria.


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