Hp says no more to spying people

Hp says no more to spying people


One of the most difficult things to prevent is people snooping the over your shoulder to take a prep at your screen in public, coffee shop, restaurants, fields and other social places. The concept of protecting your information against cyber spies is about to be accomplished. HP and 3M announced on Wednesday their intent to integrate privacy screen with HP notebook PCs, a security feature for “an on-demand electronic privacy solution”

The new feature is expected to give users the option to turn it off when working from home or office. 3M spokesperson Jessica Walton mentioned,”3M is developing an innovative light-enhancement film that can be incorporated into a system that enables light to be directed to other viewers when you want information sharing and away from onlookers when you need private viewing. It leverages several core 3M technology platforms, including micro replication, optical adhesives and predictive modeling design.”

Consumers will have no choice but to server their nosy counterparts till the new product arrives in mid-2016.

By Antwi Odrey


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