I am more popular than Agya koo-Bukom Banku

I am more popular than Agya koo-Bukom Banku

Bukom Banku

The Political atmosphere in Ghana keeps heating up and the fever has spread to the celebrities as well. This time its a war of words between Agya Koo and Boxer Bukom Banku. In an earlier statement, Agya Koo is quoted as saying;

I don’t like bragging but I can tell you for a fact that not even NDC ministers can match my popularity. They can sit there and deceive themselves but we are focused on what we are doing because we know what Ghanaians want and that is change.

This statement did not go down well with Bukom Banku and he had this to say when he mounted the Podium for the campaign launch of the Tema Central NDC Parliamentary candiadate Ebi Bright;

I heard Agya Koo bragging that he is the most popular person in Ghana, someone should tell Agya Koo, I’m more popular than him, he doesn’t come near me in terms of popularity.

By: Samuel Nyarko

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