‘I am not in London begging for money’ – Bismarkthejoke

imagesGhanaian promising actor, Bismark Odoi, has frowned on reports making round in Ghana that he was begging on the street of London on a news carried on an edition of UTV’s Entertainment News few days ago.

The video which was uploaded onto the Official Youtube Channel of the comedian on July 5 who is currently filming in UK has said that he is not too happy with the way the news was reported.

“I am not in UK begging for money. I am in UK shooting movies here, and I have been here for the past one month. The short video UTV based on that I was begging for money was a video taken from a short comic video I shot here in UK; so for someone to say I am stranded and begging in UK for money is wrong,” he furiously lamented.

On the comparison people are making between him and Kalybos, he said that; Kalybos is doing well, and he is happy that he (Kalybos) is bagging corporate endorsement deals as a comedian.

“Kalybos and I are on different patterns. What he does is different from what I do but I don’t think if I have jobs with good offers in UK, I should still remain in Ghana. I want to be at the top,” he explained.

He stated that; not too long ago, people were comparing him to Funny Face and even tried to bring competition between him and Funny Face – now that new talent has popped up, they want to bring competition between him and the new talent – Kalybos.

To him; he will urge people to try and encourage new talents by not by killing the old ones, so we can all help to push the comic industry.

Below is the alleged video of him begging:




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