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I Can’t Quit TV Career For Acting- Joselyn Dumas


I Can’t Quit TV Career For Acting- Joselyn Dumas

733159263_674369Her propelling role in ‘Northern Affair’ plus reports that Nollywood producers are chasing her has heightened speculations that Joselyn Dumas will soon consider full time acting career.

However, The One Show host and talented actress has said, “I love TV career” and adds she is not ready to quit anytime soon.

She told NEWS-ONE she is more than ready to juggle both careers until the end of time.

“I am not going to move from TV. I cannot move. I love TV. TV is my first love. I think it’s all about time management, I can do it. You know, The One Show is on break. We will be back next year, God willing. The other show I do on Africa Magic is canned so I can always…Like I said it’s all about time management and good management. And obviously I can’t let go off TV. TV is my first love and it will always be my first love. I love acting as well. So I will see how I can juggle both. I think I can,” she said.

Joselyn Dumas is playing Esaba Jomo, a nurse in the upcoming movie. Her character teams up with John Dumelo who is playing Dr. Manuel Quagraine in a small fishing village to provide healthcare. Sparks fly and the two begin to fall in love. But each one has a dark secret that will threaten whatever love they will share.

NEWS-ONE was on the set at Stone Lodge, a location at Asutsuare on Wednesday to find out more about what is happening on the set.

Joselyn is indeed enjoying good time on the set with other cast and crew. She is putting up her and best Leila is not having a tough time dealing with her.

She has good chemistry with John Dumelo. The shooting of their sex scene last Wednesday night raised eyebrows as director, Leila Djansi said, “great guys, you were great,” immediately the scene cut.

Both John and Joselyn are performing marvellously well and the set will move to Accra on Saturday for more interesting shooting.

Joselyn has so far described her experience on set and work with Leila as “great”.

“It’s great. It’s good. Leila is very good at what she does. She will take you through the scenes. She will also take you through the back story of the character and even before you shoot any scene, she will come and ask you, how are you feeling? How do you see the character? And funny thing is everyone calls each individual by their casting name which I think is very good; you always have to be in character. Leila plays but when it’s business she’s very professional and I like her. I am learning so much. I feel like I am back in the classroom learning a few more things where acting is concerned,” Joselyn added.

“People should expect to see a very good piece at the end of it all and also a lot of chemistry between John and myself on screen. It is amazing. John gets along with everybody so it makes it very easy to work with him, just like Majid Michel. I work with Majid Michel as well and the two of them are so alike. They will help you through it. John has been around more than I have, so obviously he is more experienced. He walks me through the scene.”

Source: news-one
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