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I Can’t Tell If I Was Raped – Ada


I Can’t Tell If I Was Raped – Ada

imagesAdaezi Onyinyechie Ayoka aka Ada aka Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi – the radio presenter who was accused of staging her own kidnapping, gang rape and also posting her nude pictures on social media – has admitted that she had been raped at least more than once and even attempted taking her own life.

“I was going through depression and I even attempted suicide before the incident,” Ada, as she is popularly called, said.

In an exclusive interview with Top Fm’s Ekuoba Gyasi recently, Ada, the YFM presenter, maintained that she would not be able to tell if she was raped in the latest much-talked-about incident that got her into trouble.

“I have had a series of rape. It is enough for me to attempt suicide. At a point I nearly wanted to end it all,” Ada, who the police suspect is a fraudulent attention seeker, posited.

“I have had things going on in my private life which I can say rape is actually one of them. But I was advised at some point to go public or at least talk about it to the police and I felt if I know how rape feels it is not something you will even like to tell the next person.

“I don’t know how many people have been raped and will be bold to talk about it because it is a memory you don’t ever want a flashback of. If it flashes you today you feel like life should end,” she underscored.

The controversial radio presenter hit the headlines when on April 14, 2015 news broke that she had been kidnapped by unknown persons after dramatic pictures were posted on social media of her fully naked, with some young men lying on top of her in different sexual positions.

The police later said Ada had staged the whole gang rape and kidnapping act and subsequently took her to the Police Hospital, Accra, to undergo psychiatric treatment while the case was being investigated.

Bipolar Disorder

After about three months in hospital, Ada was released and medical practitioners who worked on her said she suffered from a bipolar disorder, which is a mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.

Curiously, throughout the interview, Ada appeared incoherent, saying, “I have gone through treatment for bipolar. For the past four months I have had lapses.

“If you asked me: Ada, were you raped? I would actually tell you I don’t know because I had to get back into my mind and get things right,” she said.

“I have had a rough two years of my life, enough for me to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder today because bipolar just doesn’t come in a day; and aside not being inherited, it’s out of sections of depression,” she added.

She claimed that at a point she had to get a private investigator “because it was getting really rough for me,” adding that “the mistake I often [made was] that I thought I could get to the bottom of it in my own calm way and move on with my life because I hate to hear stories.”

Nude pictures

Ada said that she was yet to see the nude pictures that were circulated on various social media platforms, saying, “People are describing the pictures but I have not seen them personally—how they look like; and I am still gathering information about what really happened.”

Narrating her story, she said: “What I can remember right now is that I left my house and had a conversation with somebody and I left to sit at the beach at Takoradi for a while. I sat there and I think I saw people approach me and I thought there was a bit of a chase in there and I can’t recall exactly what happened.

“But from people who have been on my phone, I’m sure there was a message earlier before the pictures claiming that I am a prostitute and if people want to sleep with me…it is free.”

In Handcuffs

“I could see people but I didn’t know what they were doing and people were talking and the next thing is that I am supposed to be moved from the hospital where I was to the Police Hospital, brought to a police station in Accra and then I am given medication actually in handcuffs,” she said, adding, “That was the second time I had seen myself in handcuffs so I am like what exactly is happening?”

She added, “When I fully gain consciousness, I am told ‘Ada the police said it is in the news that you staged your rape’ and I go like how? Why would I stage my rape?

“I want to understand what is happening because one minute I am in Takoradi and another minute I am in Accra. Interestingly, my thing I wore from home ended up back in Takoradi and I am in Accra.

“I asked myself how did I move to Accra from Takoradi, stage a rape and go back to Takoradi and particularly found naked?

“I am told I was almost mad and was walking on the streets of Takoradi. I am told I went to a woman I know and asked her to give me food and so she is probably the person who took me to the hospital.”

Wild Rumours

She said “One of the things that never made me get better early was the stories people were coming up with. This is somebody even if she has staged a rape at some point is going through emotional trauma because if I staged a rape then it means it has caught up in my face (sic).

“For some time now I have been living in fear. I am even scared when somebody knocks at my door because of the patchy past I have had. I am not asking people to sympathise with me. If I am walking and you are watching me in a way it creates some kind of panic in me. I want to live my life as it was my mess and I have to deal with it.”


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