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I charged GHc1,500 per show, 4years ago – DKB


I charged GHc1,500 per show, 4years ago – DKB

imagesComedian DKB yesterday expressed anger at client when she expressed to pay him GHc1,500 for a show.

To the star comedian, he sees that as sign of disrespect to his ego and career because the amount the said client was requesting to pay is the charge he used to take 4years ago.

The star comedian posted on his Facebook; “I have never been this disrespected in my life before.

You pass my number Without my concern.

A UK accent person calls asking me who I am, how long I have performed, are my performance video on YouTube? And other foolish questions !!

PLUS she said her budget is 1,500gh and if it’s more than my charges I should let her know? Ah ah!!!!!

This idiot don’t know last time I charged 1,500 was 4 years ago. B*tch that money don’t stay 3 days in my hands.

Why pass my number without my knowledge?

What wrong did I do to deserve this?

Is it my ancestors trying to kill my ego?


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