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I Cheat On My Wife – Abeiku Santana


I Cheat On My Wife – Abeiku Santana

Abeiku Santana, Ghana's most listened to presenter on radio, has made yet another interesting confession and revelation about his personal life.Abeiku, currently the pillar behind Okay 101.7 FM in , said it was a statement of fact that he had cheated on his wife not once, not twice, not thrice but several times and that he would be the world's greatest hypocrite if he denied such a reality.

The celebrated broadcast journalist told Delay, aka Afia Tagor that he would not tell lies about something that even God knew it was true because an honest confession was good for the soul. He agreed that though it was not proper to cheat on 's wife, he had done that before and could not hide the truth.

Abeiku Santana recently generated heated debates in several circles when he confessed that he watched pornography to constantly upgrade his sex skills, adding it also served as a unique way of entertaining himself. When asked to speak about his children, Abeiku said it was an emotional subject he did not enjoy talking about because he recently lost a daughter. He revealed however that he was a father of four and that he had two children before getting to his current wife.

Abeiku is carving a niche for himself as one who speaks the truth about himself, no matter unpleasant they are. He recently left Adom FM for a new job at Okay FM and already, his programme is becoming the most listened to radio program, though Okay Fm is a very new station. “My movement to Okay is a divine one and one planned by God, else it could not have happened. Getting an audience is also something that God decides so you just wait and see. It may take some time but just wait and see.

“I am okay at Okay FM … you see when I left Kumasi for Accra, many cautioned me that Accra is a tough place for radio but I found my footing and had the audience any way. Now I am with Okay and I am saying you just wait and see what would happen and how I would get the audience. God knows what He is doing,” Abeiku explained.

Abeiku has a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and also holds a B.A in Criminal Law from the Rochville University. He also attended the New York Paralegal where he studied Paralegal Studies, and in Ghana, he took a course in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Source: News One

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