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I come from Cape Coast and we don’t need Airport – Kofi Bentil reacts to NPP’s manifesto

Kofi Bentil

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I come from Cape Coast and we don’t need Airport – Kofi Bentil reacts to NPP’s manifesto


Private Legal practitioner,Kofi Bentil has reacted to the NPP promise that they would build the people of Cape Coast an Airport when re-elected.

He said it’s a misplaced priority and the people of Cape Coast do not need an airport.

Read his opinion below;

I come from Cape Coast
An Airport in Cape Coast is a patently bad idea and anyone suggesting that has totally lost it.

You want to fly planes for the rich 1% when you have a dangerous road claiming lives every year.
you won’t simply dualise the road and then put rail beside it for the masses!!! What thinking makes you leave that and rather build an airport?

If cape coast road was dualised and straightened. It would be safe to drive there within 45 minutes in an average car.

To fly to Cape Coast from Accra would cost you
30 minutes to the airport
1 hour at the airport checking in and boarding.
15 minutes of flight time
30 minutes to get your luggage and leave the airport.

It will be faster to just drive!!!

And wherever you are coming from, there’s an Airport at Takoradi, A short drive from Cape Coast

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