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I don’t hate gays; I hate homosexuals – Blakk Rasta insists


I don’t hate gays; I hate homosexuals – Blakk Rasta insists

Reggae musician and Hitz FM DJ Blakk Rasta, has said he holds no grudges against gays a ‘people' but still affirms his stance that homosexuals need to be purified by what he terms Jah Jah fire since it is a mental/genetic disorder.

Blakk Rasta incurred wrath of gays and lesbians across the world including Amnesty International condemned his comments on the grounds the comments are “abhorrent and must be condemned,” and that, “his comments can bring violence and discrimination against gay people and lesbians.”

In an interview with about his new album some weeks ago, Blakk Rasta said he touched on the issue of homosexuality because Rastafarianism, which he practices, frowns on it.

Speaking to Hitz Entertainment News, Blakk Rasta, known in real life as Abubakar Ahmed, said he finds no fault with what he said, indicating that he does not hate gays but rather detests homosexuality.

“…I do not hate gays. What I don't like is homosexuality. I do not want us to have a generation of homosexuals or else the world will come to an end. We won't have procreation continuing…,” he said.

The Barack Obama revealed that he wrote back to Amnesty International demanding an explanation as to how his comments can bring about violence.

He said he was earlier invited to the by Amnesty International to clarify issues but the venue for the meeting was later changed to Ghana due to Blakk Rasta's inability to travel to the UK during that time frame.

Blakk Rasta however said he will only retract his comments if Amnesty International proves to him beyond doubt that his comments are untrue.

The vociferous reggae artiste's website has been malfunctioning for quite some time now, it has been shut down several times, he alleges, after his comments and was quick to attribute the situation to people he purports are against his comments.

“This website has been running smoothly until these comments were made. I mentioned in that interview that I do not visit gays with violence, homosexuals. I will never a human being, I will never physically assault a human because it is against my stance as a Rastaman. You can't call these homophobic comments,” he concluded.

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