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I fully endorse the punishment of the SHS students – Saddick Adams

Saddick Adams

Ghana News

I fully endorse the punishment of the SHS students – Saddick Adams

Angels FM’S Head of Sports, has said he fully support the punishment metted out to some wayward 14 Free Senior High school students.


I’m here to say that I feel for the 14 SHS students who’ve been punished for their various acts of infractions.

But I fully endorse the punishment.

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Yes very harsh but yes it will take such strong decisions to reverse the wayward behaviours and fix the decaying moral fibre.

If people get to understand that there is indeed a price to pay for showing their animalistic side that is recklessness and indiscipline, thoughtfulness will reign.

And there’s no better people and place to contrive and apply this than with students and in schools.

I’m sorry but it’s the way to go

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