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I Had An Affair With Mario Balotelli – Waitress


I Had An Affair With Mario Balotelli – Waitress

He was recently pictured holding hands with a mystery woman at the Euro 2012 championships just weeks after he split from pregnant girlfriend Raffaella Fico.

But now Mario Balotelli’s teenage lover has come forward to reveal the secrets of their 18-month affair, and has claimed the Manchester City ace was dating both women at the same time.

Dahiana Rojas, a 19-year-old waitress from Genoa, Italy, explained her romance with the footballer first began 18 months ago, when he pulled alongside her in a red Ferrari and asked her out on a date.’It was like being in a film. I thought it was better if he called me so I gave him my number and he called me that evening,’ she told an Italian glossy weekly.After the pair spent an evening together at a local nightclub, their relationship gathered pace, with the couple enjoying secret late-night meetings and a series of ‘sweet’ text messages.

But it wasn’t until a few weeks later when Dahiana saw a picture of Balotelli and his then-girlfriend Raffaella at a theme park that she realised he was a taken man.A number of months later, the teenage beauty heard from the sportsman out of the blue, and the pair spent the night together before Balotelli jetted off to the Euro 2012 championships with the rest of the Italian football squad.

However, it would appear the playboy sports star couldn’t get Dahiana out of his head – and after asking her mother’s permission, flew her out to Krakow to stay with him, where they were pictured together by Italian website Gazetta Dello Sport.

‘He is not the bad boy he is described as, he is gentle, humble, attentive, he is an ideal boyfriend. Between the sheets he is not bad either, he is not a whirling devil but sweet and tender,’ she said.

He does have a habit of losing his head and you never know if what he is saying is true or if he is winding you up.’

After returning from her romantic break, the waitress discovered she had lost her job at a local restaurant, and was shocked to discover that Raffaella was pregnant.

She explained: ‘He never uttered a word about her – it was as if she didn’t exist in his life. When I found out from the papers that Raffaella was pregnant I was shocked. ‘I sent him a text straight away on his British mobile to see if it was true. I asked him to be honest but he didn’t even reply. He didn’t have the courage. He was not man enough.’

Despite not having heard from the star since the end of the Euro 2012 finals when he jetted off to Ibiza with a group of pals, Dahiana has not ruled out reigniting their romance.

She said: ‘I am ready to get back with him – my suitcases are packed but he has to prove to me that he is not taking me for a ride.’ This will be yet another blow for Raffaella Fico – who is expecting a baby girl in December – as she has reportedly been harbouring hopes of a reconciliation with the Manchester City star.

Meanwhile, Balotelli is demanding a paternity test to establish whether he really is the father of his pregnant former girlfriend’s baby.

He previously said in a statement: ‘I will accept full responsibility after a paternity test. I don’t really want to speak publicly about my private life but I find that I have to explain once and for all, the nature of my relationship with Raffaella Fico.

‘We split up in April and since then we have not seen or spoken to each other. I had nothing more to do with Raffaella’s life and she had nothing more to do with mine.’


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