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I have always been around, I have gone nowhere-Kwadee


I have always been around, I have gone nowhere-Kwadee

imagesOkomfuor Kwadee was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show with Giovani to talk about his upcoming album Fa Wonsa Gu Wuti.

“I’ve been away for four years, I’ve never been gone and I’ve always been around.”

The Ofie Nipa hit maker said. “I was just absent in class. Everyone was saying what they wanted. What most people knew was that I was a musician and the next thing was that something happened to me.”

Talking about his comeback plan, he revealed, “I use to drop full albums, I use to do ten track albums and drop them all on the same day; but after observing the industry from afar for a while, I thought a lot more was going on and I had to let the negative news die down so I can come back hard.”

Talking about Fa Wonsa Gu Wuti, admitted times had changed and couldn’t release everything at once like back in the day. ”This time, we starting off with about four singles and then the whole thing follow later. And Fee Fee is already out.”

“Rumors came out and will always come out but rumors didn’t bring me up.” He reacted to the rumors about his sanity. “I worked hard for this, regardless of what people were saying, I still held on, worked hard on the music and the fruit of my absence people are about to experience.”

“The trick in this whole showbiz thing is to create a brand that has character. I came as Okomfuor and my songs were supposed to be deep and tell relatable stories.” He added.

TLNC Show is on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 9.30PM.


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