I Have Never Had An Abortion…- Musician

I Have Never Had An Abortion…- Musician

AK Songstress

Ghanaian female dancehall star, AK Songstress who struck a chord with music fans for her energetic performances and her distinctive look claims she has never done an abortion.

She made it clear that her principles in life do not give room for such act adding that it is morally wrong.

“Abortion is a sin, it is bad, and no one has the right to take the life of another.”

The Funky Fresh singer also advised teenagers who get pregnant not to think of abortion as an option.

“I mean I would not advice that abortion should be the option if a teenager gets pregnant, they need to know that that is not the only way out. I think you just have to face it, take time off and deliver. You may not know the destiny of the child you are getting rid off,” she said in an interview with livefmghana.com.

AK Songstress who sees no competition in her field of endeavour laid emphasis on the fact, she is not by any means supporting teenage pregnancy.

“This is not to say that, I support teenage pregnancy or it is ok for girls of today to engage in premarital sex and get pregnant. “But if they should find themselves in that situation, abortion is not an option as they could loose their lives in the process.”

AK Songstress describes herself as a go-getter and a humble and respectful person until she is disrespected.

She is passionate about the plight of women and said she hated men who disrespect women and take advantage of them.

Born Akosua Kwakye, AK is known for songs like Dangerous, Pace Setter, Rock Your Body, Funky Fresh and Party.




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