‘I Have To Marry Before I Clock 30’

imagesGHOne TV’s presenter, Regina Van Helvert,  has set some high personal goals and that is: to get married before age 30 years.

In addition, she is also eyeing to become a top-notch actress, as she itemised her must-do list.

According to her, marriage is one of her priorities and she would embark on that journey before she enters into her 30s.

Apart from how she considers marriage, van Helvert, who is also a presenter at Live FM,  says she would want to achieve that goal just to shake off any pressure famiy and society would put on her, as usually comes for being single.

“Marriage is an important aspect of life and for me, it has and will always be one of my top priorities so I wouldn’t like to go beyond 30 before I get married,” she said.

Though that goal may not be until in seven years time,  the 23-year-old said she does not want to endure the pressure that would come from family  and society as she grows hence, that target.

“Once you hit 30, your family starts to give you pressure and since I’m an only child, I know that it would surely come if I am not married by then,” she explained.



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