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I Kissed Slim Busterr & So What- Actress


I Kissed Slim Busterr & So What- Actress

Rising actress Sika Da Diva has chosen the I-don’t-care approach to rumours circulating that she and top music icon Slim Busterr are having an amorous relationship.

The two starred together in a new movie titled ‘Hell Mett’ which was premiered the at the National Theatre on Saturday January 28, 2012.
It is Slim’s debut movie and he did not only play a lead character in the movie but was also the executive producer. Sika has been around for a while and has featured in top movies including Nigerian ones.

Sources said that Slim and Sika had good chemistry while on set. But that was not as alarming as a good kiss they shared in one of the scenes.

Sika was to seduce Slim and because they weren’t given a sex scene, the director made them kiss very well. We are yet to confirm the scene. However, a call placed to Sika yesterday led to a rather interesting angle. She was happy to talk about her role but when she was asked about the rumours on the kissing scene, she went berserk.

“You people why all that attention. I kissed Slim and so what? Is that the first time an actor and actress have kissed in a movie. Why are you making a big deal out of this?”

“Whether we had a good kiss or not it is our little secret. It’s not everything that you guys need to know. No wonder some movie producers don’t allow you journalists on their sets. Konkonsa (gossip) boy,” she said jovially. She however confirmed that there was a kissing scene but it wasn’t much of a big deal. “It was normal,” she claimed.

Slim Busterr

When asked whether there was something going on between her and Slim off set, she answered,

“Are you not aware Slim is happily married? I am single but responsible. I wouldn’t want any lady to snatch my husband in future, so I don’t want to do that to somebody at my young age.

Please let’s close this chapter. I don’t want to talk about this again. I don’t care what you people say. Leave us alone. Just come and enjoy the movie on Saturday.”

Sika played the role of a wannabe actress while Slim was a superstar actor who was at the peak of this career.
She tries to win his heart but has a secret plan to destroy his empire.

She messes him up and his whole world by turning his friends against him and taking all his property.

“He had a good girlfriend and I turned him against her and he dumped her for me. I used deception, seduction and my beauty to charm him,” Sika told this paper.

The movie was directed by Paa Kwesi Ackom of TV3 and is expected to prove whether Slim can survive the competition in the movie industry.

Source: News One

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