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I Know All The Tricks Lustful Men Use In Wooing Women – Actress


I Know All The Tricks Lustful Men Use In Wooing Women – Actress

imagesAt age 46, perhaps, it is not surprising that actress, Christiana Awuni says she knows all the tricks that lustful men use to woo women.

What may be surprising is that, despite her age and the fact that she has been a divorcee for the past eight years and a mother of two, men still pursue her.

“Ever since I became a divorcée eight years ago, I have come under pressure from men who want to have a touch-and-go relationship with me”, she told “Showbiz last week.

Christiana who is popular for her witches’ roles in movies, said she was aware what men want from her and therefore knows all the tricks men are likely to use to win her.

She said that before any man tried to make a move, she was already aware where the conversation would end.

“They think they are smart but I am smarter; I know what I have and know some men will stop at nothing to have a feel of it.

“Some men would want to hang out with a woman who has a good character but most men are moved by what they see and in my case, I guess it is my bum that excites them,” she said.

Asked whether she had any immediate plans of getting married again, Christiana Awuni who has played in movies such as Sika Nti, Dufie, Maso Aware, Ware Me and Metim Nea Metim, said she was still waiting upon the Lord to give her a good man.

“I have been married before and I know what it entails. I do not want to go into it the second time just because I am desperate for marriage. Men are knocking at my door alright but I need to be extra careful not to be a divorcee for the second time,” she said.

Actress Christiana Awuni started her acting career with Concert Party Theatre and TV Cantata. Having played alongside Kumawwood actors such as Emelia Brobbey, Nana Ama McBrown, Agya Koo, Kyeiwaa, Akrobeto and Bill Asamoah, she said there were no roles she could not play although movie producers preferred to cast her in witchcraft roles.

The actress was grateful to movie producers, Socrate Safo and Danfo B.A, for introducing her into movies.



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