I Lost My Virginity In 2007 – Prince David Osei

I Lost My Virginity In 2007 – Prince David Osei

Timothy Bentum, Ghana’s ace actor and presenter was successful in turning most Ghanaian celebrities into evangelists.

The Hood2Hood Evangelism which is spearheaded by the Actors, Presenters, Professionals and Musicians for Christ (AAPMC) had lots of attendees to see in their clear visions their various idols preaching the word of God.

Prince David Osei who on 2nd September, 2012 was on the bill to preach to the youth populated event revealed some shocking aspects of his life most people found it hard to comprehend.

To most of his celebrity friends, they know about his staunch commitment to God and the word of God. To Majid Michel, he is so aware of Prince David Osei speaking in Tongues.

The pioneer Ghanaian to star in a Hollywood, Prince David Osei revealed how life had been rough initially till God placed him where he belonged.

He had been ‘bounced’ visas to the United states 4 times when he was ‘nobody’ but now he has all the visas of the world excluding some handful countries. He used this as an advice to tell the youth that, everything has its time.

The unbelievable words from Prince David Osei was when he told the congregation that, he was a virgin all his life till in 2007 when he was first ‘laid’.

As amazing as it sounds, none of those gathered there could find it easy to believe, if not for the fact that they were in the church where many deem as holy to spill a death threatening lie.

Throughout his secondary school days, Prince David stayed away from the women dormitory. Even the alluring ladies in University of Ghana where he had his first degree could weren’t ‘Jezebel’ enough to lure him into their skirts.

If not for the Hood2Hood Evangelism, this hard-to-swallow truth would have been kept indoors of the ‘Agony of Christ’ star, Prince David Osei.

The APPMC is scheduled to make a donation to the Christ Faith Foster Home at Frafraha on the Dodowa road this Saturday together with the stars who featured on the programme.

Source: Nana Kwesi Coomson

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