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I Nearly Stabbed Man – Actress


I Nearly Stabbed Man – Actress

129305263_780510Award-winning Lydia Forson has confessed she her temper and almost stabbed road user who was threatening to beat her up in public and also calling her a prostitute.

The actress, Saturday, took to her facebook wall to explain exactly what happened:

So this man on a motor cycle crosses me in traffic and as upset as I am I just decide to continue driving.

A few minutes later I realise he’s been following me hurling insults at me.

I get to my destination and he jumps off the bike to confront me, calling me a prostitute and he doubts am married and I will never marry.

It takes all the energy in me to stay calm. And I ask, what do these insults have to do with what just happened?

And if anything I should be upset he nearly caused an accident. For five minutes he continues to insult me with the same “prostitute, you will never marry”.

And when he sees I’m ignoring him he rushes up to me and threatens to beat me. The Fanti woman that I am was tempted to reach into my bag for my knife and stab him.

But then I refused to allow this man drag me down into his obviously unhappy life.

He starts to hit my car, trying to provoke me to say or do something. And then I finally say, if he wants to beat me in full glare of everyone he should do so at least I will have witnesses.

I was tempted to do a lot of crazy things within the 20 mins this went on but something just kept telling me that this guy just wants to provoke me.

I allowed him do this and after a while, drove off.

I parked somewhere and called my mum, who is always my voice of reason.

As I calmed down three things kept ringing in my head:

1) Why do most men feel that calling a girl a prostitute is the highest form of insult? If I am, what do you the man who sleeps with a prostitute?

2) Why do most Ghanaian men feel by telling a girl she will never marry, it should make her panic or feel less worthy?

Have you ever considered that not every woman thinks the greatest thing on earth?

Some women really don’t care much for it and are quite content with the way things are in their life.

3) Why do people look on when someone is clearly being abused?

We become spectators and comment on other peoples’ lives when we could easily jump in to help.

Any sensible person would have tried to stop this man, but they all watched like they were watching a movie. So if this man had killed me what would they say?

So here’s my conclusion, and at this point I really don’t give two cents if you agree or not.

A lot of African men are just bitter, bitter to see a successful woman and bitter that a woman may have more than them.

The stupid assumption that every woman needs a man to make money is the reason why they’re quick to call you a prostitute because apparently I couldn’t have bought anything I own with my own money.

Today just everything I’ve ever thought about some men in this country.

And I feel sorry for the children these people will raise, because really what can you teach them?

That’s why I hardly feel sorry for certain people, bitterness is the reason why they haven’t and will probably never progress.

Oh and ‘FYI’ if prostituting were that easy, everyone would be doing some.

Source: News One
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