imagesEccentric afro-pop Star, Wanlov da Kubolor, has confessed to ever having had gay intercourse.

“I wanted to fulfill my sexual desires one time, and a guy was the only one around and that led to sleeping with the boy”, he confessed.

No-briefs-wearing Wanlov, who walks about barefooted and clads his phallus and nether part in colourful waist-cloths, however, said he has since never had any such anal sex with another man.

In a no-holds-barred interview on ‘Friday Night Live’ hosted by ‘Peace Hyde’, the 33-year-old Romanian-Ghanaian also said he has so far bedded more than 300 women.

The father of six children, whom he had with five different women – an American, a British, a Ghanaian, a Danish and a Japanese – also revealed that he once dabbled in black-magic-related cyber fraud, popularly known as ‘sakawa’ in West Africa.

”I did Sakawa. I used the money to pay my rent, flown around in first class airlines, bought motor cycles, just to mention a few. Sometimes the thought of going back to it crosses my mind but I just don’t see the need to engage in it anymore”, he said.

Agnostic Wanlov said he ditched Christianity after reading several books on the Religion, especially a book titled, ‘Christianity Before Christ’, which shifted him from the religion.



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