“I Played A Role In ‘Killing’ Ghanaian Movies” ─ Socrates Sarfo

“I Played A Role In ‘Killing’ Ghanaian Movies” ─ Socrates Sarfo

Socrates Sarfo contines to talk about the decline of Ghanaian movies. Also, he confessed that he played a role in the ‘killing’ of the movie industry.

Socrates Sarfo talks about his role in the decline of Ghanaian movies

“We have a film like ‘Ghost tears’ to GBC and they gave us an advert to advertise our new movie. Instead of going to pay for it, we thought it was cheaper for us, we were so smart that we are outsmarting the TV stations, so they will give us advert and give us money and advertise our new movies.

That was what we did and everybody jumped on it and what happened? The TV stations owning the films”

Also, he stated that at first producers were able to sell about 100,000 copies in the market. However, things have really changed as compared to the number of copies they sell these days.

We used to sell 100,000 copies in the market and today they are not able to sell 5,000 copies”

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