”I prefer ‘Rudebwoy Highlife’ to your so called Dancehall” – Rex Omar Tells Shatta Wale

”I prefer ‘Rudebwoy Highlife’ to your so called Dancehall” – Rex Omar Tells Shatta Wale

Highlife Musician Rex Owusu Marfo known in showbiz as Rex Omar has advised self-acclaim dancehall king Shatta Wale to call his music “rudebwoy highlife” and not dancehall.

Rex Omar noted that Shatta Wale is playing good highlife tunes and making big hits out of it yet he calls it dancehall.

To him, most of Shatta Wale’s hits songs are highlife songs that would have been promoted worldwide if he tagged them as ‘rudebwoy highlife’ rather than dancehall.

“With his rudeness and all that, if he has called his highlife maybe rudebwoy highlife or something like that then it would have taken our music somewhere else,” he said on ‘The KSM Show’.

The ‘Abiba’ hitmaker said with all the hype that Shatta Wale has, calling his music dancehall music ends up promoting other people’s culture and not Ghanaian music because Ghana is noted for highlife and not dancehall.

Rex Omar has been one of the few Ghanaian musicians who want to see that original Ghanaian highlife music is still relevant to both the young and old generation.

He has stated that Ghanaian type’s music such as Adowa,Asikyi Odonsun, Apatampa, Kwaw, Agbadza and Bobooboamong others were present but colonial masters preferred to name them as highlife and to make highlife music survive, Rex Omar who is also the Ghana Music Right Owners (GHAMRO) chairman pledge to release a track every month.

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