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I slapped a ‘trotro’ mate over $exual harassment – Afia Pokua


I slapped a ‘trotro’ mate over $exual harassment – Afia Pokua

imagesAdom FM news anchor, Afia Pokua, also known as ‘Vim Lady’ has revealed how she once slapped a commercial vehicle conductor – trotro mate – for sexually harassing her in a vehicle.

The news presenter said on Adom FM midday news Thursday that she was forced to do so after she noticed that the trotro mate was rubbing his manhood over her thighs.

She narrated that the mate knowing how bad his act was had covered his erected manhood with a cap and was gradually rubbing it on her thighs.

“After feeling the heat for some time, I decided to take off the cap to see what was happening and that was when I realized it was his erected dick that was on my ties so I gave him a dirty slap for that…,” she said.

The Adom FM News Editor who was doing a news item on people’s experiences in commercial passenger vehicles known in local parlance as ‘trotro’ said this incident embarrassed the mate.

“I was then shuttling between Tema and Lapaz where I worked as an intern of the P&P newspaper…,” she said.

She later had the story published in the P&P.

Co-news presenter, Nana Osei Ampofo-Agyei also told of how he was forced to alight from a trotro after a gentleman ‘released bad gas’ in the vehicle. He narrated that the plight of the passengers became worse after a nursing mother refused to open a side glass because of her new born.

“The intensity of the heat forced me to demand that the driver stops for me to alight even when I had not gotten to my destination.”


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