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Wiyaala1Ghana has over the years produce a large number of female artistes unlike the olden days that female musicians are not many. We can now talk about numerous secular female artiste in the industry like Akosua Agyapong, Becca, Mimi, Efya, Irene, Abrewa Nana, Kaakie,Mzz Bel, Eazzy, , Mzz Vee,Nyamekye, AK Songstress uncountable female gospel diva’s.
Getting closer to one of the fledgling female artiste known as Noella Wiyaala to ask of her genre of music, how she sees the industry and why she doesn’t compose love songs she said ’’They don’t really make sense, they don’t educate anyone especially the young ones and that’s the truth and I will say it anywhere. We have to redefine love songs in Ghana. I have a song called ‘’edorn’’ people don’t really understand my Sisala language but the melody and the way the storyline makes the young and matured understand that love is peace, respect and the little things that makes it interesting and not those unnecessary noise they make.
Speaking on how people see her she said ‘’The ladies look at me and say’’ This girl is kankpe’’ they were thinking I will come out behaving all bubbly like joining what the female in Ghana are found of doing .we do it as if we want to do it, we don’t want to do it. They always want to be at the background like Efya, Irene Logan Becca, they are not daring. Am an African and we Africans are sexy in our own way. It’s not about ladies showing their waist twisting.
We can do more in Ghana here so we shouldn’t remain at the back. We should be vocal we can sing. Most of us can sing more than the guys but because the guys are daring they come out because they are men she added. Women too we have our own way of coming out and doing it. I will urge every female artiste, we shouldn’t be lay back. People have seen enough of singing; at the end of the day it’s not about singing anymore .You have to entertain people through your performance.
Wiyaala said’’ I smell a lot of fear. When they hear I am on the bill to perform female artiste refuses to perform because they think am coming to take their shine and make them less. Some people also say I look like a guy am hard but some people also love my style and me the new sexy and that’s what I believe. The new black sexy.I have my short hair and am rocking my natural colour and hair style; people have seen a lot of this Brazilian hair, shaking their buttocks.
There are special things about African women that we are not proud of. I am an African beauty and am really proud of. I have a gap between my teeth and I have a special way of making myself sexy. Beyoncy can twist the waste and wear Bikini’s. I am also going to wear my African cloth and my and I can still rock it.
The entire female artistes in the industry are afraid of me and I have been hearing a lot in town concerning this. When they hear Noella, they go like: that girl? Her energy is too much. I don’t want to go on the same stage with her and clear me off.


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Monica Maakor Otumfuor an Alumni of Ghana Institute of Journalism is a Writer and English tutor by profession. A voice over artist and an articulate spokesperson. She loves to volunteer and is passionate about mentoring others.

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