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I used to be a prayer warrior – Funny Face


I used to be a prayer warrior – Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng better known as Funny Face has reminisced his days as a prayer warrior at Living Streams church.

imagesThe comedian told News-one “I was a prayer warrior at Living Stress but they sacked me and said when I pray, people laugh and lose concentration. Then I joined the choir and they also sacked me from the choir, com­plaining that when I sing and when I dance, they laugh too much”.

Funny Face let in News-one into his residence at Millennium City Estate, Kasoa in the outskirts of Accra where his compound was littered with bullet cartridges fired frequently in the night to warn thieves.

The award-winning actor was sharing some of  his experiences and thoughts on the comedy industry in Ghana.

“Most people in Ghana have the perception that Ghanaian comedians are not funny. So when they leave their homes to watch comedy, they leave planning your downfall and come to the show expecting your downfall. So even before you appear on stage, they have condemned you and decided in their minds that you are not funny.

I attended a comedy show to watch and not to perform and there was this lady next to me and when the guy on stage said’helooooo make some noise’, she passed a very rude comment. She knew I was hearing her but she did not mind. She rather crossed her legs and started playing with long artificial nails painted in different loud colours.


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