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I Want To Be A House-help Who’s Being Maltreated – Actress


I Want To Be A House-help Who’s Being Maltreated – Actress

914210649_693490The world of show business has often dealt badly with the idea of stable relationships and it appears it has a special dislike for couples who are “happily married”.

Tracking the history of leading actresses who won the Oscars, the Daily Mail recently established in a research that 63 per cent are more likely to have a shorter marriage than those who don’t win the famous award.

The hustle of being a sought-after entertainer will most likely cause many young female entertainers to postpone marriage and child bearing until much later in life.

Charming actress Beverly Afaglo, who is married to hiplife artiste Eugene Baah aka ‘Praye Ho Ne Ho’, says although she missed being in front of the camera during her pregnancy, she has no regrets taking time off showbiz to deliver their baby.

The actress said that her period of pregnancy was the time she had the most acting offers.

“When I got pregnant and it started showing and I couldn’t work again, it was very difficult for me because it was as if all the producers decided to call me at that time. I could feel my body going through changes in the first three months but I thought I could take up one or two engagements before my belly got bigger, but my husband said no because he had also noticed the body changes”.

“He said to me, ’Your features are changing. When someone sees you in a movie and doesn’t realize that you’re pregnant, he’ll say you’re not pretty and you know most viewers like to see pretty looking actors”.

The actress disclosed that she was even compelled to turn down one particularly attractive offer to feature in a movie in Italy during her pregnancy.

In spite of these losses, she said “I’m happy now because since my baby came, we’ve had such a great feeling.”

Many women in entertainment receive a lot of media attention when pregnant but the About To Wed, Single Six, Heart of Men and Never Again star said that she preferred to be discreet about her pregnancy.

“When I was pregnant, I tried as much as possible to hide it from the media so there were premieres and other events that I was invited to that I declined to attend because I didn’t want to be noticed.

“I was home most of the time and I tried to be a good wife because that was the beginning of my marriage”.

Asked what it was she’d missed most during the period of pregnancy, the actress expressed “basically I think I miss the camera…I miss the fact that I couldn’t get a script to read and get a new story on my mind…how to start reflecting on my character and how to go on set and see the crew members and have fun while working together”.

Responding to what challenging role she’s played as an actress, Beverly disclosed that she’d not played that role yet.

“I’d say I haven’t played the challenging role I wish to play yet. I want to play a soldier. I’d also want to play a house help who’s being maltreated; I want to be a house help so I’II do away with all the Brazilian and Italian hair and other beauty enhancements to look very ordinary and poor.

“I’d love to play that role with a very good director who can push me that far to play the part for people to see and feel what I’m feeling. I’ve played the police officer in Single Six but it didn’t involve much physical activity. But with the soldier, I’d love to hold the gun…I want to run…I want to shoot and be hard”, she said.

When asked what challenges she encountered in her line of work, the alluring actress mentioned that low remuneration was a reality that most actors were confronted with. “Everybody lobbies for jobs and there are so many ladies out there who want to act or are acting now so most of the time some of the producers don’t want to pay us what we’re due.

“So if you’re not careful, you’II Lose a job because of money. This is because if you don’t do it, someone is ready to do it…there are so many people who want to be on TV…who want to be stars for whatever reasons so if you don’t agree to certain amounts or if you don’t build yourself in a particular trend you might not get a job.

“That’s why sometimes I think as you grow as an actress until you hit the ambassadorial actor, you should be doing a side business to support yourself”.

Getting personal, I asked the actress how it felt like being married to her husband another showbiz star. Beverly responded “I think to me it’s just a normal thing because when we get outside, we’re celebrities…I’m an actor and he’s a musician, but the moment we get home it ends there… there’s nothing like who’s a star here and who’s a star there because if you know the bible and you’ve gone through counseling, you should know that the man is the head of the family whether he’s young… whether he’s poor… whether he’s ugly…he’s still head of the family.

”It happens that we’re very good friends…we discuss everything and nothing. Sometimes I even forget that he’s my husband…sometimes I think he’s my friend and I open up to him on certain things that people would say you shouldn’t even talk about it with your husband, but I trust him, he trusts me”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz
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