“I Wanted To Be A Gynecologist”- John Dumelo

imagesActor and entrepreneur John Dumelo has revealed what he really wanted to do as a child before he ended up on the silver screen as an actor.

John Dumelo who appeared on ‘Hanging Out with KOD’ shows over the weekend disclosed that growing up as a child, he had always wanted to a gynecologist. When host of the show Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) asked what his childhood dream was, John said “I wanted to be a gynecologist because I had always wanted to help women so I wanted to do that can help women”.

John said it’s unfortunate he couldn’t pursue his childhood dream but he is very happy in the movie industry where in finds himself now.

Asked about how he deals with negativity in the media, John revealed that negative comments and stories in the media among other things have kept him going all these years. He disclosed, “Negative comments motivate me to even push harder …and the fact that I want to affect people’s lives positively urges me on.”

He also revealed that his biggest challenge as an actor has to do with interpretation of roles in movies. “I will read through a script thinking that the role I would be playing is very easy but when I get on set, interpretation of roles has always been a challenge for me.”

John also about his plans of getting married, he disclosed, ”I want to get married hopefully next year, the false stories are too much and I want to spare myself from heartbreaks”. When KOD asked John about what he is looking out for in the woman he intends marrying, the actor stated “Someone who understands my career, a religious woman, very supportive and a woman who can take care of the house.

John disclosed that for now, he has his own construction company, a film school and will be opening his hotel soon. He advised that as human beings, we should be prayerful and ask God for directions in everything we seek to do; and we must remain humble at all times.

On the same program, John reveals his political ambition intimating emphatically that he wishes to be the President of Ghana one day.

He explained that it is not because his name is John as some people say but really he wishes to lead Ghana one day to do things differently and turn things around positively in the country.

He jokingly added that if he becomes president of Ghana one day, KOD would be his Chief of staff.



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