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“I Was Pushed”- Praye Tenten Finally Speaks Out


“I Was Pushed”- Praye Tenten Finally Speaks Out

Praye Tenten, the tallest member of hiplife trio, Praye, has finally come out of his shell to speak about what he considers an unfair deal given him by his former mates, Eugene Baah (Praye Ho Ne Ho) and Steven Fiawoo (Praye Tiatia).

According to Praye Tenten, for seven months after his break-up with the group, the two have been saying all sorts of things about him which are not true.

In an interview with Showbiz last Sunday, Praye Tenten (real name Nana Adu Koranteng) said that he had heard the two several occasions granting radio interviews and saying that he had grown wings and that is why he went solo.

Praye Tenten said that was false, rather he explained that it was Eugene who told him point blank that he didn't want him in the group because of one minor issue.

Asked whether he has made any attempt to get to them after his break-up, he explained that he has placed calls and sent several messages to them but they have refused answering his calls and replying to his messages.

“I feel very bad that the two are treating me this way. The three of us have suffered in bringing up the group this far and I don't think this is what I deserve after my contribution to the group” Praye Tenten said.

Explaining what really happened before he was kicked out of the group, Praye Tenten told Showbiz someone insulted Eugene and he went to deal with the fellow. According to him, he was asked to apologise and after his apology, the same Eugene told him he can't be part of the group again.

According to him, he initially thought it was a joke until he saw the two perform on stage without him. Asked what the future holds for him, he said he will not fold his hands between his thighs and go hungry and that he is preparing to come out with his own album soon.

Praye Tenten added that, the two owe him and he needs his money if they claim he shouldn't be part of the group anymore.

Eugene Baah had a different story to tell Showbiz. According to him, he never kicked Praye Tenten out and that he wanted to go solo so he was given three months to decide after which he finally said he wanted to go solo.

“I don't know why he keeps saying I kicked him out of the group, I never did that and will never do that, we are a group who were doing so well so why would I do such a thing” Eugene explained.

He denied that Praye Tenten was owed any money. He said, however, that if Praye Tenten wanted to come back to the group, no one is stopping him.

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