I will be grateful |Mary Owusu

I will be grateful |Mary Owusu



Mary Owusu

Do you remember this song “Holy Ghost Fire” in 2007? Mary Owusu the artist has been nominated for the this year’s VGMA award after 12 years of music career.

Her comments in a recent interview is below.

Do you have any award?

“No, I have never been nominated or won any award in my career because I have not had anyone to handle that aspect of my career but with my current album my new management is taking care of that. I also feel Gods time is the best when my time is due God will give it to me.”

What if you win?

“Eii my brother I will be very happy, I will be grateful to God because it is His will for me to get the nomination/award.”

By Antwi Odrey

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