I Will Never Marry A Broke Guy – Baby Blanche

I Will Never Marry A Broke Guy – Baby Blanche

Many female celebrities have over the years expressed their dislike for ‘broke’ guys. Well, they’d rather stay single or become mistresses and side chicks of married rich men.

The newest to join the ‘no broke a*s guy’ train is the no pant actress, Baby Blanche.

According to her, she can never marry a broke man.

The actress says contrary to Jude Lomotey’s assertion that only love can sustain a marriage, she believes “likeness” and not love should be the basis for a strong union.

She claims the dynamics in modern relationships may have changed but it still remains the preserve of men to cater for women.

The woman’s duty, according to her, is to be submissive to him.

“It is actually the man’s obligation or responsibility to take care of his woman so there is nothing wrong if a man is spending his fortune on his woman so long as she is doing her part as the bible says being submissive,” she said.

Baby made these claims on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot with MzGee.

“Now the world changing, and the bills, everything is money, money so the women, we have to support but then me I will never marry any broke person, you shouldn’t be rich but you should be making an income,” she added.

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