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I’m being insulted for speaking the truth – Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare

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I’m being insulted for speaking the truth – Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Founder and Lead Pastor of , Bishop Charles Agyinasare has bemoaned an unfortunate situation he’s going through.

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Speaking to his congregants today,he said Politicians are insulting and attacking him for speaking on national transformation. He said his friends and loved ones have called to beg to avoid speaking on national Issues.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, politicians sit on-air – radio and TV – and make false accusations and insult who they disagree with, including their opponents. In the past few weeks, the umentionable things that people have said about me is unbelievable.

“My loved one and concerned people have called me and they keep calling to say Bishop stop talking about national transformations, because we cannot stand the insults smeared against you. Some wonder wether I’m able to sleep soundly at night in the midst of the insults… Others wonder, why I’m so cool. When they see me or call, as if nothing is going on. Why am I so peaceful, it is because what I am saying is the truth,” Bishop Agyinasare told members of his congretation on Sunday, August 9, 2020.



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