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I’m free to date anyone I want -Becca


I’m free to date anyone I want -Becca

imagesBecca over the weekend made an appearance on ‘Hanging out with KOD’ where she set records straight on a number of things from her passion for music to awards and who she is dating.
On awards, the multiple award-winning songstresses said being recognized back home means more to her than international recognition.
‘I don’t cherish any award apart from GMA, forget KORA and all the other awards that I’ve won. In my opinion, it is more important to be known and appreciated in your own country rather than elsewhere, and for me, I will continue to cherish my GMA awards”.
She also set records straight that she and her manager, Kiki Banson are not in any romantic relationship.
She said it is just a ‘working relationship’ so the public should dismiss the hearsay going around, about the two dating.
Becca also added that she has the right to date anyone she likes and that, it doesn’t affect or concern anyone.
Becca described Nigerian rapper, M.I as an intelligent and amazing personality, adding that she and M.I will be friends forever. She revealed that M.I is her ‘bestest’ friend in the industry for now.


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