I’m Goddess Of Beauty – Deputy Minister

583942549_905215If names do have an impact on people, then it is no surprise that the Deputy Communications Minister-designate Victoria Hamah attracts so much attention with her looks and perceived wealth: Her middle name is ‘Lakshmi’ and this is the name of the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty.

Lakshmi is the wife of the Hindu god Vishnu and her symbol is the lotus flower, with which she is often depicted. It is however significant to state that Victoria Hamah is currently single. She neither has a suitor nor a lover. That does not mean she has no ‘admirers’.

It is understandable that Victoria would bare a Hindu name because she is indeed a devoted Hindu and even took to her Facebook wall last Saturday to wish Hindus the world over a happy Rama Navami festival.

“Happy Rama Navami to Hindus the world over… It is considered auspicious to undertake a fast on the day in the name of Rama…The objective of the fast is not to ask for special favours of the deity but to seek perfection as a human being,” Victoria wrote on her Facebook wall Saturday.

Her name, Lakshmi, is for the Hindu goddess of ‘good luck’ and it may be an explanation for her fast rise from student politics to mainstream politics and eventually a Deputy Minister with very bright prospects for the future.

Victoria Lakshmi Hamah has not been spared her portion of insults and hate language showered on Ghanaian politicians, especially the females.

When the Presidency announced her nomination, it took less than an hour for social media users to take her to the cleaners, calling her all sorts of unprintable names and levelling unsubstantiated allegations against her.

During her vetting however, she seemed to be someone with a heart big enough to contain the negative attacks and rather paid glowing tributes to the First Lady, Lordina Mahama, for helping her transit from student politics to national politics.

She said Lordina Mahama helped in finding her footing in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and then motivated her to be part of President Mahama’s government in order to encourage other women to play an active part in national politics.

According to Victoria Hamah, some of the attacks came from persons who had no work experience at all but suddenly appeared to have acquired a PhD and expertise on political appointments.

She was responding to a question posed by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament (MP) for North Tongu and a member of the Appointments Committee of Parliament, who said he was scandalized by the heavy dose of attacks, especially on social media platforms, against the nominee.

Ms Hamah said her appointment as deputy minister was a clear show of confidence in women and in the youth, adding that she represented the two constituencies which were supportive of the Mahama administration.

She also described as mischievous and uninformed criticisms against two TV shows she hosted before her nomination.

‘The Chocolate Factory’, which was aired on Multi TV and ‘Hard Talk on TV3’, were known to have discussed sexually explicit materials but the deputy minister-designate said her shows were not just about sex but other significant issues about family values, anger management and suicides in Ghana.

Source: News-One

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