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I’m single and seriously looking for love – Adwoa Smart


I’m single and seriously looking for love – Adwoa Smart

imagesVeteran actress, Belinda Naa Ode Oku popularly known as ‘Adwoa Smart’ in the entertainment fraternity has said she is looking for a partner who is willing to love and respect her just as she is.

She said that even though previous relationships have not worked out like she expected, she will not give up on finding a man who truly cherishes her.

“Who will not open her mouth and swallow falling honey? I’m single and seriously looking for love. But all I’m asking God for is a nice man who will love and understand me for who I am.

The diminuitive Adwoa Smart said even though she has had to deal with uncomfortable looks from people anytime she is in public, she is not perturbed.

“One of the challenges I have in my life is that people look down on me anytime I’m in public but I always encourage myself and move on”.

When asked about her thoughts on the movie industry presently, Adwoa Smart said the industry was more lucrative than it used to be about 20 years ago when she began her acting career.

“I would have bought my own private jet if I had earned the money actors and actresses earn lately” she said in twi.

She said rumours speculating that she had a relationship with popular artist Barima Sydney are false because she and the artist see each other as brother and sister and there was nothing more to it.

Adwoa Smart has acted a number of television dramas, movies and performed in several stage productions, including Obra, It’s too late, Father and Son, Moneybag, Matters of the heart, Judgement Day and Lucifer.


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