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I’m still ‘Chrife’


I’m still ‘Chrife’

Ghana’s only female dancehall singer, Grace Awo Ocansey, better known as Kaakie says people shouldn’t be surprised about her doing dancehall even though she is a strong believer in Christ.“Yes, I admit I have been a member of the Christian Fellowship (aka “Chrife”) since my school days and those who have known this expect me to do gospel but I prefer dancehall.

That’s how God has channeled the talent He gave me.”

Kaakie told Showbiz last Monday “Instead of people talking, why don’t they pray for me to be better at what I do? I am not killing anyone or am I? I’m only using my talent and I think it’s helping me. Nothing can make me lose focus on what I’m doing because I have passion for it.”

Born to Mrs Abigail Boye and Mr David Ocansey, both accountants, Kaakie said she still sings and attends church service regularly. She said the only time she misses church is when she performs late into Sunday morning.

The 21-year-old nursing student of the University of Ghana told Showbiz she is very particular about her Christian life and the fact that she is seen as “Chrife” doesn’t mean she should do gospel music. Dancehall is a language and lifestyle although, she says, she does not portray its lifestyle. “Just as Ga is my language so is Patois someone’s language so if I sing in someone’s language is it a bad thing? Moreover, I have passion for dancehall that’s why I’m doing it.”

Clearing criticisms that she dresses indecently, the Toffee Pon Tongue singer said “I don’t think people should complain about my dressing.” How many times have they seen me in something really hot? Most of the time I’m in trousers and most importantly depending on how classy my costumier wants me to be, she decides what dress would be fit for the show. Of course whenever I am not comfortable with wearing a particular costume, we drop it.”

Kaakie said she realized her talent when she was in primary school. She said she danced a lot then but when she got to Junior High School she started singing and her friends didn’t appreciate it “because I didn’t have a good voice but I knew what I wanted to do” she said. “I always told my best friend I wanted to be a star so when I started singing I knew it was a gift from God.”

As to how she combines music with schooling, the singer said it’s very challenging because both require attention and time and it gets serious when she has to attend to both at the same time but with the help of her managers, she’s able to come out successfully.

Is the young female singer making a lot of bucks in her career? She responded, “I can happily say the pay is good. I’m grateful that people appreciate my act and that’s why I’m getting all the offers. At least it tells me I’m doing a good job”.

She said she felt honoured as a musician and gives thanks to God that all her songs have turned out to be hits and adds that she’ll come out with an album hopefully in September. Another addition that will indeed maintain her as “too much.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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