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Information To Help You Understand Hypoglycemia And Better Treatment


Information To Help You Understand Hypoglycemia And Better Treatment

Hypoglycemia is an indicator of abnormally low blood sugar. Normal values for blood sugar are 70mg/dl to 110mg/dl. If you fall below 70mg/dl and it happens often then you could be hypoglycemic. If you consistently have the symptoms then your doctor should discuss starting a treatment.

Hypoglycemia may be a precursor to diabetes and the sooner you begin treatment the better off you will be in the long run. Symptoms of mild hypoglycemia include weakness, headache, dizziness, sweating and blurry vision. These symptoms can be controlled by eating.

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Severe hypoglycemia symptoms include heart palpitations and arrhythmia, mental confusion, unusual behavior, convulsions, unconsciousness and even death if left untreated. Anyone can suffer a hypoglycemic episode, even if they do not have diabetes. Situations which may contribute to having a hypoglycemic episode include eating a meal high in sugar and having your body react by dumping insulin into your system in response to your meal, skipping a meal, not eating or not eating enough, exercising too much and drinking too much alcohol.

Prevention or Treatment of Hypoglycemia

Eat small meals throughout the day and limit carbohydrates. You may start checking your blood sugar at least daily to get a baseline on where your blood sugars are and what to do about the possibilities of diabetes.

Exercise in moderation and do not skip meals. Make sure your meals are always balanced

If you are diabetic, your doctor should follow you closely until your blood sugars are under control and you get used to the treatment regimen.

Hypoglycemia can be a serious medical condition, so if it happens more than once talk to your doctor immediately. Also, get hypoglycemia information and learn how to manage your symptoms.

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