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Interview: I love piercing my body – Barbara Kinni


Interview: I love piercing my body – Barbara Kinni

Barbarakinni2Barbara Kinni is a 17-year-old model and an aspiring actress. She discovered her talent at a very tender age and intends to succeed in the modelling industry.

In this short interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo, she talks about her career and discloses her love for body piercing.

She has so far pierced nine spots on her body including her navel.

Who is Barbara?

BK: I am Barbara Kinni, a student. I am also a model; an upcoming one, I should add, because I still have a long way to go. Yes, I am an actress too, or should I say an amateur actress.

What is your experience in model and acting?

BK: I contested in the Exopa New Face and also shot a movie with Scratch Media but it’s under production. I am also involved in other low-key modelling stuffs here and there.

At what point did you discover you wanted to act and model?

BK: When I was very young. I mostly go for auditions to model or act but nothing really worked out big. Sometimes in class, I usually take magazines and read more about the fashion world. The interest was there so I kept trying.

It’s likely you will have issues with your teachers.

BK: Yes …(laugh) all the time … My parents were always called to the school … I would get into trouble and then repeat what I did.

How do your parents take your ambition?

BK: They support me in everything I do concerning acting and modelling. When I am going for an audition or show, they are always with me to shake my spirit.

How did you feel your first time on the runway?

BK: I was nervous! But at the end, I loved the attention, clothes and heels. To me, it was a blast.

Who is your favourite designer?

BK: Moschino and Fendi.

Can you pose nude just for attention?

BK: No comment. I am a model.

Tell me about your growing up?

BK: I come from the Ashanti Region but I was born in Croydon, London and grew up there. I came back to Ghana, I think in the year 2008.

Where did you school?

BK: For Junior High, I went to Christian Home in Dansoman and then Labone Senior High for secondary so far.

I noticed you have pierced your navel .

BK: Yes. I have. I have nine other piercings on my body. It’s not a painful thing at all.

Nine piercings? Where else apart from your navel?

BK: My right breast and the other six are on my ears.

Why do you enjoy piercing?

BK: It is because it’s nice to me. I love them. I find them attractive. It just makes me love me.

Which of them caused some pain?

BK: I will say the two on my navel.

It is dangerous to pierce on the navel.

BK: No, not at all.

Are we likely to see you doing more piercing?

BK: Yes, certainly.

Where else do you intend to pierce next?

BK: My tongue.

Who inspires you career wise?

BK: Tyra Banks, Nadia Buari and Beyonce Knowles.

What do you do at your leisure?

BK: I chill. I go out and hang out with friends. I also read magazines and a whole lot. I just like to have fun.

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