The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for West and Central Africa was, yesterday, launched in Accra.

The ISRC is the international identification system for sound and video recordings and serves as the bedrock of the digital content industry while encoded ISRC provides the means to automatically identify recordings for royalty payments.

In a presentation to launch the code, Mr Chris Ankrah, Chief Executive Officer of West Africa Content, noted that the launch of the ISRC in Ghana was the beginning of the building of the digital content industry in West and Central Africa.

Mr Ankrah said the digital age had been associated with intellectual property theft but that the situation was changing.

He said the most important benefit that Ghana and the West and Central Africa would derive from the local using of the ISRC was that for the first time in its history, creative assets would be processed, stored and traded globally, and payments received in Africa.

He said for the first time in its history, Africa would be able to determine, on its own, the value of its cultural industry and how to share this culture with the rest of the world.

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