Italian singer releases new single in twi ‘Odo Tumi’

Italian singer releases new single in twi ‘Odo Tumi’

imagesItalian –Ghanaian singer, Romeo Kwame Yeboah is out with a song entitled “Odo Tumi” produced by B More and had its first time air play on AM PLUZZ. On this song he fused Twi and English to elaborate what the power of love can do.

In an interview with AM PLUZZ on Pluzz FM, he said that he does Rhythms and Blues (RnB) and a bit of highlife.

He said this is not his first time he’s doing a song and that he has actually done a sound track for a movie before.

“Music has been my passion for a very long time but I was not getting the ample time to pursue it and I think this is the time to show the world what I have got,” he said.

Romeo said he did not learn the Twi language from any academic institution but from friends he interacted with on daily basis and also read Twi books. Romeo has been in Ghana for seven years.

His Italian name is Gyanuka Romeo but has adopted Romeo Kwame Yeboah as his Ghanaian name. He just loves Ghana and decided to stay after a few visits to the country. He is in full time entertainment now, doing music and movies as well, and so far he has done ten movies.

He said over the years that he has been in Ghana he has adjusted himself to the lifestyle of the people and so he prefers Ghana to Italy so much that he has gotten married to a Ghanaian woman because they are humble compared to his folks.

Romeo says that in his music career, he will fuse his Italian language and Twi and serve us with the best of music and believes with this, he will penetrate the local and international market as well.


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