Itz sona on exclusive interview with Nayoka Oware

Sona is the big thing happening to Afro Pop known in private life as Jimmy. Sona is a fast rising Afro pop musician based in the United Kingdom. Most people associate him with Wizkid because of the similar trend.  Sona hit the limelight after his producer heard his Freestyle “tswola” and picked him up to work with him. He started working just last year but has already gained relevance in the industry.

“Omodoye” is a hit song by Sona which was freestyle when he went to the studio and heard a beat. He is a natural musician and flows with the beats to make good music. Sona loves to sing in Yoruba to portray his culture even though he was born and bred in the United Kingdom. He is very fluent in Yoruba and blends it with English to give a creative mix of good music. He assists in the structure of the lyrics and other times the beat.

The Afro pop singer loves the feeling of being on stage and people hailing. In an advice to upcoming artist stated, “Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do what you want to do, listen to what everybody says but don’t do what everybody does and be the best”

Itz your boy Sona is a religious Christian who has good relationship with God and acknowledges his present achievement to God.  Sona has always had love for music and currently holds a degree in music. He is inspired by the response from his fans, support from friends and family. Keep enjoying his music and he keeps churning good tunes for your listening pleasure……itz your boy Sona….itzsona on exclusive interview with Nayoka Oware on “The Journey”.




By Monica Otumfuor

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