Iya Traore thrills crowd with his football dexterity in Accra

Iya-Traore-1 Iya-Traore-2 Iya-Traore-3 Iya-Traore-4 Iya-Traore-5 Iya-Traore-6 Iya-Traore-7 Iya-Traore-9 Iya-Traore-10 Iya-Traore-11 Iya-Traore-12 Iya-Traore-13International Football Freestyler, Iya Traore gave fans a thrilling performance on August 30, at the Marina Mall in Accra. The 3 times Guinness Book Of Records record holder engaged fans in his performance and also gave away free signed T Shirts and other gift items. Here are some exclusive pictures from the event produced by WatsUpTV, a Pan African Entertainment TV show which is set to bring entertainment from across all 54 African countries to Ghana and beyond from Monday August 8, Check out these photos courtesy 

Source: watup.tv


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