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Jackie Appiah Kidnapped In Lagos Nigeria?


Jackie Appiah Kidnapped In Lagos Nigeria?

Veteran Ghanaian star actress and Glo Ambassador Jackie Appiah have being rumored abducted in Lagos Nigeria.According to a source in Nigeria the said abduction took place in her latest movie which is yet to be released into the movie market and that the Ghanaian “Movie Queen” is just fine working with a production in Lagos Nigeria.

“Jackie is fine and there is no bad news or anything like kidnap. Yes she was abducted but that was in the movie we’re working on. We want to assure her fans worldwide that she is only shooting a new movie in Lagos and the rumor of kidnapping just happened in role in the movie” Evans Anaele, a Nigerian director told this reporter.

According to Evans who is also believed to be the writer and director of the new movie titled “THE CAPTIVE” and being produced by Uchennna Mbunabo, the story is about a crime that was committed in a restaurant around 8:20 am and the police had to investigate and make an arrest within six hours that same day.

“Basically the entire movie happened within six hours, 8:20 am to 2:16 pm and it stares Jackie Appiah and other notable Nigerian movie Stars. I don’t want to mention names for now. In fact we wanted to keep this out of public and the media hoping to make it a surprise for movie lovers but I’m forced to mention Jackie and also give a bit details of the yet to be released movie because of the rumors making round that the Ghanaian star have being kidnapped here in Lagos.

It was a good experience having her work with this particular production. But nothing happened”. Evans revealed.

Source: Reagan Odei Ofosu Osarfo
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