Jackie Appiah looking stunning in new photos!

Ghanaian actress has the ‘good girl’ public demeanor as much as the lovable Jackie Appiah does. In these times when sexiness sells and most female celebrities bare more in going for the ‘sexy look’ in various photo shoots, Jackie remains conservative but always manages to look wholesome and stunning, as is evident in a new set of photos that were taken recently.

It is not clear what these leaked photos would be used for but most of the photos show the actress with one musical instrument or the other. Could it be that the actress is following the musical footsteps of her Nollywood sisters, Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola? That would certainly be a surprise! It wouldn’t however be shocking if they turn out to be photos for some advertisements for this ‘queen of endorsements’. According to rumours, the actress was recently flown on a vacation trip to Turkey by a beauty and cosmetic brand that she represents in Ghana. Sources say the vacation was a reward for her outstanding behavior as the brand’s ambassador.

No matter what these pictures turn out to be for, Jackie remains gorgeous and stunningly wholesome!






















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  1. always natural, simple, nice smile. nice photos, i admire you.

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  4. cutest g around. you would blow any man mind away.

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