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Jay-Z Hits Back At 50 Cent For Mocking His New Baby Girl


Jay-Z Hits Back At 50 Cent For Mocking His New Baby Girl

According to Hiphop Beefs website, rapper Jay-Z has replied fellow rapper 50 Cent, who potentially reignited his bitter feud with Jay-Z after posting two mocked up pictures of the rapper and his wife, Beyonce's new baby, Blue Ivy Carter recently on twitter.

The baby had Jay-Z's face superimposed on it and 50 Cent joked: “Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS…You bull shitting they will pay a million dollars a picture of that baby lol trust me.”

According to Hiphop Beefs, Jay-Z in a quick phone interview called 50 Cent a joker not worth paying attention to. He said: “I'm a grown ass man with a sexy wife I don't chase after hoes or get hoes pregnant. The birth of daughter has brought me and Bey a lot of joy and I don't have time to be bullshitting around with jokers who just want attention.”

Meanwhile, according to , since proud dad Jay-Z released his song “Glory” on Monday, it's already entered the R&/Hip-Hop songs chart at No. 74. And since four--old baby Blue drops a guest verse of cries following her delivery on January 7, and is credited for her contribution as “B.I.C.,” the newborn is now the youngest person ever to land on a Billboard chart

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