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Jim Iyke & Yvonne go naked in a new movie


Jim Iyke & Yvonne go naked in a new movie

Issues relating to nudity in movies have over the years stoked controversies to its propriety or otherwise and whether or not it is real.

Do you remember ‘ of Men”4 Play ‘Hot Fork' and obsession? Well, I sat behind my laptop to watch a new movie featuring Yvonne Nelson, , Nicoletta Samoans who is popularly known as Niki, going naked for than 2 minutes showing all she has got in the name of movie making.

Initially, I thought it was one of what film makers term as camera tricks and so I requested the unedited version of the movie from the producer so I could have a sample viewing for better deduction and analysis but the producer declined showing it to me, Luckily, I met a good Samaritan who gave me the opportunity to see the full version of the actress going fully naked without any cover.

According to an eye witness who was on the set, it was stated in the script for the movie in question that, that scene be taken, with an actress going naked and Niki Insisted that she would do it.

Many who have had the opportunity to watch the say they have seen some upcoming movies whose nude scenes would Dwarf what Niki has done in the new movie.

The video will be Uploaded on and other top site soon for viewers to have a look at the direction that the movie industry is veering into.

Many of her fans ware asking how much she was paid to show her private parts to the whole world without any feeling of remorse of whatsoever, ownership of the movie is still not known.

NB: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah, who is popularly known as attractive, promises to release the naked videos and pics of Jim Iyke, Yvonne Nelson, and the new face in Ghallywood, Niki, very soon

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